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Related article: Meanwhile Dad was taking it all in, just waiting for his
opportunity. He was kissing and stroking my body, while telling me
what a good little pussy boy I was. I wanted to taste both of their cum,
but the plan was for them to double fuck me first.
We changed positions so that my uncle could lie on his back.
Dad lubed up his brother's cock, my asshole and his own cock. I
squatted over my uncle's hips while he aimed his cock at my ass pussy. I
lowered my body until I was resting on his pubic bone. Then Dad took
hold of my ankles, lifting my legs up and resting them on his shoulders,
as he guided Lolita Porn Bbs his cock to my hole. He had to work hard to force it into
my crowded hole. When he Lolita Porn Bbs got it in me I was whining like Lolita Porn Bbs a baby, until
he started fucking me.
The interesting thing was that my uncle couldn't move, but my
Dad's cock rubbing against the underside of his cock was doing the
work for him. Dad was pulling on my cock too. I squirted cum all over
my belly and a strong surge even shot a gob of my cum all the way up to
my face. It was dripping into my eyes, nose and mouth. My uncle
started to cum shortly after me. His cum lubricated my asshole even
more. Dad was pounding my ass like a jackhammer. When I started to
cum, he drove his cock deep into me and clung to my thighs hard enough
to bruise my thighs. We rested with both of their cocks still in my ass.
My uncle's cock slipped out as it went soft. Dad's cock was
going soft and limp, so it slipped out too. I just lay there on top of my
uncle's belly. Dad licked his cum from my face. My uncle reached
around my body to Lolita Porn Bbs play with my limp cock too. I wanted to taste their
cocks in the worst way.
I rolled off of my uncle, and turned around so that I was kneeling
next to his body, so that I could take his limp cock in my mouth. I
sucked him first because I had never tasted his cock before. When I got
past the taste of my own asshole, I could taste his meat. It actually did
taste like Dad's. I wondered if all men tasted alike.
(I did learn that what men ate changed the taste of their cocks. I
do love corn fed Mexican cocks.)
I sucked my uncle until he squirted another load in my mouth. I
switched right over to my Dad and started sucking him off. Dad had
recovered enough to give me more cum. Like I always did, I deep-
throated him when he came, so that some came bubbling out of my Lolita Porn Bbs nose.
My uncle also got into the act, when he stroked my body and kissed me.
He was telling me what a nice butt I had. It was obvious that he was
horny again. I assumed the doggie position and reached back to spread
my butt. My uncle didn't even need to grease his cock, because there
was plenty of cum still in my ass. He took hold Lolita Porn Bbs of my hips, and drove
his cock deep into my ass. Dad was not about to be left out. He spread
his legs and moved his body under my head, so that I could suck his
cock again. Dad didn't cum in me, because he had another place in
When my uncle was finished I rolled over onto my back and
curled up, and I brought my legs up until my knees were on the bed right
next to my ears. That swung my butt up in the air. My asshole was
gaping open, and cum was leaking out of my asshole. Dad squatted over
my body, and he used his hand to force the head of his cock into my
asshole. I grunted every time he bounced up and down, until he started
cumming. He pulled his cock out of my ass, so that he could squirt cum
all over my face. Boy, I was getting a facial.
Dad told me to push the cum out of my butt, they wanted to see
just how much was still in my ass. I strained like I was taking a dump to
make the cum spill out of my ass. There I was with my butt in the air
and cum was dripping out of my gaping asshole. Some was coating my
nut sack, but most of it was running down my spine, to puddle under my
shoulders. They were both pleased with the amount of cum they had
shot in me. They Lolita Porn Bbs
Lolita Porn Bbs were telling me that I was the best boy pussy they had
ever fucked. I was very proud of myself.
I never got to fuck my uncle again, because Daddy told me that I
was his boy pussy. He had just wanted to try a double fuck one time.
He did admit that he had started fucking my uncle when he was 12-
years-old, and had fucked him right up until he started fucking me. I
would have liked to fuck my uncle too.
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Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 13:39:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: woodlawnjeromeyahoo.com
Subject: daddy's angry
I got home as quick as I could. I knew I was in trouble. The house was dark
and all I could smell was the musky scent of "daddy". He was home
somewhere; I felt it. Still, some part of me decided to pretend he wasn't
there. Idiotically, I called his name. "Karl?" (He had allowed me to call
him by his first name a week ago) "Daddy?" "Sir?" "Are you there?" I hung
up my jacket. My cock grew hard for some reason, I'm not sure. "Sir?" I
proceeded further into the house down the long hallway to where his den
was. For some stupid reason, I still thought he wasn't home, yet my voice
grew quieter as I called for him again. "Daddy?" A thunderous "GET IN HERE,
BOY!" came from where his den was. Like a robot, I made my way towards that
voice. My God, he had such a hold over me!
There "daddy" was, sitting in his big chair in front of the fireplace. I
made my way slowly over to where he was sitting. He had nothing but his
dark slacks on. He was leaning back a little in his chair; his huge legs
were spread a bit. His massive arms were on the arms of the chair. His eyes
were half-closed. He was half-rocking in the chair, lightly tapping those
massive size 14 feet. His face had light stubble on it and I could smell
the hint of after shave a little better now. His thick cock was peering out
of the pant opening, throbbing lightly. He peered at me through his
half-open eyes, his square face stern. "Why are you late, boy?", he
quizzed. I was trapped between fear of and renewed lust for this large,
powerful white man who claimed me for his own a few months earlier, making
me his little black love slave. I just couldn't find the words
until..."Well?!", he screamed. "I-I-I was late because...I-I Lolita Porn Bbs missed the
bus", I stammered. I was actually at the store trying to buy his favorite
drink. The idiots had ran out and forgot to restock! Oh boy! So I had to
run frantically to another store to find out they sold their last
bottle. All this made me late for my master's 4PM "feeding and
breeding". I've been late once for "feeding and breeding". Let's just say
I'm lucky he loves me...and that I love being his slave.
"Get over here. On your knees", he ordered. I obeyed, kneeling before him,
my face pointed to the ground. He studied me for what seemed like a whole
hour. I could feel his eyes burning a hole in my head. "Tell me what I
wanna hear. NOW!", He shouted. "I'm sorry, daddy. I'm so sorry I'm late", I
whimpered like a little girl, over and over again. I was actually lucky
this time. Karl has never hesitated to slap me or spank me "because I made
him angry". I would always try to appease him by sprawling on the ground at
his feet and grabbing and caressing his huge tree-trunk calves while
kissing his feet. His anger, however, was always shortlived because
immediately afterward, he would pull me off the ground, order me to suck
his "daddy nipples", which either made him angry again, or so passionate,
that he would then take me, kiss me and send me to heaven, driving that 8"
cut beercan, and all that muscle, into my body. The whole thing has me
turned inside out. "Kiss my feet and tell me how sorry you are", he
ordered. I proceeded to slowly caress and kiss each massive foot as I have
done before, taking in that powerful man odor. My cock was throbbing out of
control. "I don't hear you, you little slut!", Karl bellowed. I whimpered
over and over, "I'm so sorry daddy. Please don't be angry". He then took
the foot I was kissing and rubbed it all over my face as I lay sprawled
before him. "You're daddy's little slut. Aren't you?", he asked in a
strange, gentle, fatherly tone. I thought I was going to explode right
there. He has had me lick cum off his feet or his floor before. "Yes sir",
I replied humbly.
Karl then grabbed me by the arm off the floor and scooped me up into his
tree-trunk of a lap, snuggling me real close. I could smell the powerful
scent of his after shave. It was irresistible. I couldn't escape. I didn't
want to escape. "Daddy" was brushing his square face against mine. I could
feel the soft stubble of his face. I could hear and feel his hot breath on
my face. Lolita Porn Bbs
He was so strong and gentle. " you're driving me crazy, you know
that, boy?" I couldn't answer right then. My eyes were closed and my
breathing was slow and deep. I was so in love right then. "Huh?", he asked,
shaking me a little. "Yes sir", I answered him, eyes still closed. He took
my face in his huge hand. Then taking his thumb, he caressed my lower lip
and chin with it. He then hungrily planted his lips on mine and we kissed a
real long time. Both our cocks were hard and throbbing. We both wanted
daddy to breed. Somehow we 'calmed down' enough for daddy to pick me up in
his arms and carry my upstairs to his bed, planting kisses all the while.
I was on my back and Karl's massive 300# body was on top of me, feeding my
face all 8 inches of thick cut cock. He was so powerful. His legs were so
big and solid, it was like caressing two steel support beams. I could taste
the leaky precum and wanted more. He didn't disappoint. He let go an
unbelievably thick stream of daddy cum down my throat that I swallowed as
quick as I could. If I thought daddy was spent, I was dead wrong. He then
put my legs on his massive shoulders and drove his love muscle into my body
and made love to me with such a rhythm and passion that one would think his
life depended on it. When he finally came, he moaned and grunted with such
ferociousness, I could swear I felt the room shake. His huge sweaty body
fell on top of mine and we fell asleep, but not before he said, with his
beefy voice, "I love you, baby. You make me very happy." Guess he waasn't
angry anymore.
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 19:05:25 -0500

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